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Building the USS 42


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Project "USS 42" begins as Vulcan Selas, one of the remaining 10,000 or so Vulcans aspires to build his own ship, under the Fleet's permission, of course. 

Selas, becoming of old age and wanting to pursue his dreams creates Project "USS 42", a new ship about to undeergo construction on Starbase 10, were Selas has worked for most of his life in Starfleet. 

We need full staff except a pilot, also known as Murron Croft, daughter of Douglas Croft, captain of the USS Sorrow, an old ship built on Earth years ago. Murron is 16, (and she is my RP character) and has a little brother named Tobius, who are both going to live on the USS 42. We also do not need a lot of nurses, as Karik is. (I need someone to RP as him)

Selas's son, Karik, is a very close friend of Murron's, he also being 16. Selas decides, because of his age, to not be catain of his ship, instead leaving the decision for later, when the ship has finished being constructed. 

As you can see, this project is all-so new, and needs just about every position filled. Comment with a character and hoped position, and I'll get back to you. 

We also need people to design characters and the ship. I am bad at ships.

Murron out. 

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