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Report this Aug. 08 2013, 2:26 pm

Einstein theorized that the speed of light was the fastest attainable velocity possible.

What Einstein didn't factor into his equation is the fact that the speed of light is a result of a Sun and a Blackhole.

Light is created from within the Sun meaning that the process of light speed is also created by the sun which both gives the light photon the ability to travel at light speed as well as limiting the velocity of light speed because of the gravitational pull of the sun.

The blackhole also limits the velocity of a light photon to light speed because even though the blackhole's gravity is more powerful than the suns until the light photon crosses the event horizon of the blackhole a suns gravity is still effecting the light photon.

Since a sun and blackhole are the progenitors of the the velocity of light speed...if we take both of these celestial bodies out of the equation that only existed after the Big Bang then we have a forum for discussion on what the possible velocity of a particle in space would be able to travel at.

Since both the sun and blackhole are no longer present to create the velocity of light speed then we can say that it is possible for a photon to travel faster than the speed of light because the sun and black holes gravity is not present to effect the photon otherwise.

What type of Prior- Big Bang gravitational force would have been present?

Or is gravity a product of the Big Bang where the Universe is slowed down to the velocity of light speed?

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