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Am i the only one that found trip the most annoying person in star trek history ?

J Inkwell

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Huh. I've always liked Tripp, personally. I cried when they killed him off...although I was in 8th grade, that might've had an effect on it. 

Can someone enlighten me as to how he's annoying? Personally, I don't see it.


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I always found Wesley to be the most annoying in Star Trek history. Wil Wheaton is great, though.

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... there were many annoying chracters on star trek over the years (series) but ask yourself how many were on screen as much as trip ? or was a major part of every episode like trip was. you wont find one, chacotay hoshi reed gerodi worf chrusher troi sulu ulhurah... none were in every episode like trip. oh and tes wesley was annoying he solved more ship issues than gordy... but he got shipped off so he gets runner up ))) chakotay was annoying but it was because he was there to give a reactionary shots ... we made it home cut to chakotay looking surprised without any lines to back up his surprise, but he was hot so he gets a pass in my book.

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