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Am i the only one that found trip the most annoying person in star trek history ?


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Perspective needs to be considered when these characters were in the time line.

The Federation hadn't been established yet.

Archer was that way too.

Their characters were rough around the edges and realistic.

Something completely different from previous characters.

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I always felt that ENT was more of a rendition of the original BSG than TOS/TNG. Lets be honest, Trip was the  Starbuck of the ship. Most of the Trip centered episodes would consist of him being stranded either on another ship or a planet and wacky hijinks would ensue.

The only thing I liked about Trip was that the actor looked alot like a young Zefran Cochrane.




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I liked Trip, it was just that he sort of just bobbed around everywhere and didn't exactly fit in, in any one place. The worst part was that it took 3 1/2 to 4 seasons to finally sort out Trip and T'Pol... 

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Quote: xmarklive @ Aug. 08 2013, 3:02 am


>i felt like trip was george w bush in space and the only flaw in the first seaon. maybe im the only one but i cringed every time he yelled out capt'n this or cap'n that, or got overly emtional and got overly high pitches at what ever issue was going on. I started to get more annoyed by him than i did of worf yelling out the stupidest option available (by the way worf was from a group of aliens that were overly emotional so it kinda of made sense.  Am i the only one that was happy when they killed trip as i felt his voice was annoying and that he was highly over rated by the producers. i watch the behind the scences footage and was left thinking this guy doesnt love, star trek it was just a jack pot pay check for him.hell even scott backulla didnt want the job ....sorry i will stop now

> >

No, you are not the only one at all. I missed most of his dialogue because I had to drown out his annoying voice by putting my fingers in my ears and saying "la la la la la". Childish? Yep, but necessary. I think they waited too late to kill him off. If they had gotten rid of him early in the series like they did Tasha Yar in TNG it would have been much better.


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Hmmm.... interesting comments regarding Trip.


Scott - a drunken Scot is OK

Picard - a French Brit is OK

Sulu - asian is OK

Urhura - black is OK

Trip - country boy is not.



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iam black and i love being around country guys. But we all know you cant talk like everyday people on a show...By the way it wasnt his country accent but in fact his yelling of his lines, every line.


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OK well I like the character Trip.  He,  T'pol and Phlox were the main reasons I stuck with the show

Reed, Hoshi, Archer and Travis were boring

oh uninvitedGuest I'm not sure why you say fake British accent he was born and raised in England so I don't know why he would have a "fake" accent


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Trip was my favorite character. He always seemed to be the one I could relate to the most, and many of the episodes centered around him are among my favorites. 


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Trip was my favorite character on the show. I don't see why people disliked him so much. He was very down to earth and easy to relate to. Maybe he could get a little bit annoying, but I think Chakotay was waaaay more annoying than Trip.


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Quote: rob39874 @ Aug. 11 2013, 3:04 am


>Trip was one of the characters I really liked considering this was my second least favourite star trek (Voyager is the worst IMO) the worst one was Reed he seemed to be pointless and annoyed me. Especially with the fake british accent I"m a brit and never heard anyone speak the way reed did


Dominic Keating, who played Reed, IS English. Nothing fake about that accent I'm afraid.


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Trip is a really cool character. He is great. He is like all of us Sothern Boys. We just want to work on our cars and then drink a beer.


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I don't know, I kind of liked the character.

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Please let me clear up a few things. I found that other members of the crew were annoying just as much as trip was and the only reason he stood out the most is because he was in every episode, while hoshi reed travis and to a lesser degree tpol took a back seat to the main two (capt n and trip). there were many episodes where other cast members were missing for the whole episode or on had one or two lines ()) uhura scotty sulu checov chacotay geordy worf doctor crusher hoshi reed mayweather )))) but you didnt dislike as much because they were hardly on screen, and when they were it was because the epiosde heavly involved them.  i love star trek & its best when A. there is a chemistry within the whole cast and bit players B. the story lines are great A can over come a bad story line aka deep space nine but not the other way around..... Look at the behind the scenes bluray content and you will see that everyone knew and loved star trek but the two leads  that a Bad recipe


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Quote: xmarklive @ Aug. 08 2013, 3:02 am


>i felt like trip was george w bush in space...


OMG! My older Brother used to say that back when ENT premiered, LOL.

I warmed up a little to his character later in the show, but wish everyone on the crew was given more importance than Trip and T'Pol. Even Archer seemed to take a backseat to Trip and T'Pol.

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