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Vulcans are my favorite characters on ST. I prefer them to those annoying humans. (LOL!) So I think about Vulcans every now & again. Some general observations, feel free to chime in with your own thoughts/opinions/Truths (we are all Trekkies here, so we all know the Truth about the ST cosmos!!)


In spite of what any silly non-canonical book says about her ethnic heritage, T'Pol will always be a pure blooded Vulcan (as a pure blooded as a Vulcan can be) to me. This viewpoint raises a few questions.

     1. What's up with the subcommander's almost eldest daughteresque concern for Archer in, for example, "Extinction" & "Twilight"?

     2. What is the deal with T'Pol's raging passion for Trip contrasted with her awkwardness towards Trip?

It's my belief that the writers & producers of ENT wanted to reimagine Vulcans. Two of the St series had Vulcaons, TOS & VOY, both were males. How would a crew of moslty males (as far as the senior staff went) respond to a female who had logged more hours in space travel & had a codified tradition of responding to so-called allien peoples? Remember that in ENT there is no Prime Directive, so for those familiar with ST, T'Pol's advice can be seen as the coda (or definitive) word on the matter at hand. By way of example, in Season 1, episode 4 ("Strange new world") T'Pol strongly advices Archer & his senior staff to go slow, to conduct scans from Enterprise & to send probes. Archer's response--half smiling and trying to repress a laugh--"We didn't come all the way out here to sit on our hands..." sums up the human attitude towards caution. Intrepid and impatient. What is pertinent is that over time, T'Pol becomes as willing to explore 'on the spur of the moment' as her shipmates are. Had her caution been greater, she might have effected Archer and taught him to take more care. So, perhaps, she would not have visited the .Salia (sp?).


The two Vulcans we see on a regular basis after T'Pol are not as emotional. )(Some of her emotionalism can be attributed to what happend on the Salia, what about the rest of this matter? I believe that Volcan society has, by the time of TOS, disciplined itself far more in large meassure thanks to accepting Surak's teachings. There may also have been some neuropsychological changes. In "Plato's stepchildren" McCoy expresses concern over Spock's being forced to perform for the people who hold Kirk and his landing party in thrall.  

Blalock & Nimoy were the best two actors in the Star Trek universe. Go Vulcans!

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T'Pol was the first ever Vulcan to serve on a human star ship, do not underestimate that predicament. Humans are a very emotional sepcies compared to Vulcans and so T'Pol really had a very difficult task, being the only vulcan on the starship and having no expierence serving on a human starship was bound to affect her ability to supress her emotions.

Imagine it in reverese, you a human serving on a Vulcan ship, you would soon in order to fit in start acting more vulcan and trying to control your emotions better. T'Pol adapted to her surroundings thats all. She then grew bonds with the crew, namely Captain Archer, if your under any misconception that Vulcans don't make friends then you are mistaken, granted they would show affection towards their friends the same way a human would does not suggest that they don't have friends at all. Captain Janeway and Tuvok were fairly close friends if I recall correctly.

I do agree though that T'Pol is the most emotional Vulcan I've ever seen.


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Yes, being the 1st Vulcan to be stuck on board with all those Earthlings would be a challenge for any Vulcan.

Blalock & Nimoy were the best two actors in the Star Trek universe. Go Vulcans!

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