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Where do you get your DS9 DVDs?


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Hello all, I am new here and I have been watching DS9 on YouTube. Now, I am interested in watching the series in order. I just am unable to find DS9 DVD's where I shop. Sorry if this has been posted before.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You can purchase DS9 full series DVDs online from Amazon or eBay, but theyre not cheap. Or you can watch them for free on this site or on, that is if you dont have Time Warner Cable as your IP. They have dropped CBS from their line-up and have blocked all CBS video (at least on my computer #&^%#$). The full series is also available on Netflix and I think on Hulu as well.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum.


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Thanks so much! I will totally look into that-though, can you watch videos on this site via a tablet?


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I would suggest looking on, or you can buy them here on, but they will cost more here than on amazon. However, keep in mind that with Star Trek being put on Blu-ray right now, TNG only has 3 seasons left, and season 2 of Enterprise is out this month as well. So when TNG and ENT are completed, unless the sales just totally tank, DS9 is next on the blu-ray list, so you might be better off just waiting until you can get the blu-rays. And maybe in the mean time, get Netflix. That only costs 7.99 per month and they have the whole franchise, short of a few movies. But they do have all of the series, including The Animated Series. But alot of the movies they don't have.


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If you are set on getting DS9 on disc, I would recommend this:

That's what I bought, and at the current price of $260, that's only $37 a season.  If you buy them individually, they're almost $50/ea., so you're saving quite a bit.  

That said, I think I bought my set 6-7 years ago, long before there were so many streaming options.  I'm not entirely sure I would do that today, unless the shows started disappearing from places like Amazon Prime or Netflix.


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the cheapes way to watch would be to sign up for Netflix. $8 a month and you can watch all the trek series


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i agree-netflix is the way to go!  its basically getting to watch a show with little investment in case you dont like it...thats how i got into DS9, cause i was too afraid i wouldnt like it to invest in the DVDs....PLUS you get your first month of netflix free-so there is NO risk!  Its totally worth it!  there is also some otehr great content on netflix as well.  Just make sure you only get the instant streaming membership and dont pay for the "in the mail" membership...thatcosts extra and i dont think its worth it.  I watch it online using my computer and also on our TV using our Xbox.  I know there are also devices that you can use to stream from your computer to your tv wirelessly.

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