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TNG in theaters?

Ensign Moran

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Back in 2012 for season one (and a few other seasons if I recall), selective theaters across the United States played the full- HD version of two episodes for one night only. Season 4 was just released, but I didn't hear anything about it playing in theaters. Do you think they'll do it again for season 5, whenever it is released?


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I saw the two season-1 episodes in the theater the first time it was done. The two-part episode "Unification" with Spock would be cool to see in the theater especially since it's one of the highest rated TNG episodes.


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... I think they should!

There definitely needs to be more
STAR TREK product out there & TNG
deserves a lot more exposure ...


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The only other TNG episodes I could ever see getting shown in theatres are "All Good Things" and maybe "Unification"


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Seeing Best of Both Worlds  the theaters was great, but was even better was seeing a practically full theater...Star Trek still thrives! I dont know though..that episode cliffhanger was the best of TNG..others were not quite as good..

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