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Michael Ansara has passed away.


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The final member of the original trio of badass Klingons has gone to Sto'Vo'Kor.

He was known as Kang (my favorite TOS Klingon).  It makes me incredibly sad when we lose a member of the TOS family.  


He will be remembered with honor.


Fun fact: On my first trip to LA and Hollywood Blvd, I did the tourist thing and stopped and took pictures of all my favorite stars' stars. While others stopped for mainstream actors, I squeed when I recognized his and took a pic.  I wish I were there now to place flowers in his star.



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Also my favorite TOS Klingon.

It is sad whenever someone from TOS dies, but we're all very fortunate that so many of them are still around (including 5 of the 7 main cast members)

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