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Which Star Trek humanoids characters do you think we are most like? And which one's are we least like

Gul PetaQ

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Which Star Trek humanoids characters do you tink we are most like?  I'll give you my humble opinion, first I think we are most like the Ferengi, greedy, sceeming little characters. Second, the Cardassians, smug and   self-righteous. And now for the one's we are least like, first the Vulcans, logic directs them, not emotions. Second the Klingons, driven by honor, we only wish we could be like these species of humaniods. Because lets face it, the Terrans on the Star Trek series are quite an idealistic view of us, don't get me wrong, I hope in the future we become truly enlightened like theTerran characters on the series, I fear if we do not, we are doomed.

The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination. -Garak, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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