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Gates McFadden - Directing "Genesis"


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Does anybody know of any interviews Gates McFadden has done about getting the opportunity to direct the "Genesis" episode in Season 7 of TNG?  I'm specifically interested in hearing her talk about how long it took to get the chance, especially since she came into the series w/ more directing experience (via the theatre) than any of the others who were also allowed to direct (BEFORE she was, no less).

I'd heard that she might talk about it in the Blu Ray extra features, but I don't know which (if any) of the current Blu Rays would have that interview (and the Season 7 discs are probably not due out for 2 more years).

Any tips would be most appreciated!


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Gates McFadden talks in detail about her involvement
with Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA ...

and recounts directing the TNG episode “Genesis.”

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