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Between Movies 2 and 3


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Ok some one Please help me here. am I dilusional? maybe in an alternate reality here?


  But I thought that after the movie Wrath of Kahn that there were appromaxly 5 epesiodes that aired on tv in the 80's bridging the gap between the search for spock. I remember watching this on VHS ( i know what is a VCR?) and the end of Kahn there being a message "TO be Continued" and also something about watching on tv the epesiodes. am I missing something here? I can find no reference to these epesiodes anywhere.





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I'm pretty sure someone else would have commented on that in the past thirty years. Things like that aren't forgotten -- even the Star Wars Holiday Special still makes the rounds at conventions.


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There was NEVER any such animal ... never.

However, a mini-series is not a bad idea,
especially now, when there's no other TREK
product coming out. Ah, well ... I suppose
I will just have to make-do waiting years
between STAR TREK sequels. But it sure is
worth the wait, isn't it fellas?

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