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Departmant of Temporal Investigations


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Just finished reading Department of Temporal Investigations Watching the Clock and although it was a bit slow in starting the back stories and missions did keep me entertained. It has lots of nods to the series mostly ENT TNG and VOY as they finally unmask the mystery  man who was helping the Suliban in the Temporal Cold War. It also depicts certain things that have happened temperol wise like the Bozeman from Cause and Effect. due to Picard returning to the future after First Contact and also Janeway interview after returning home. 

It also depicts more on Dulmer and Lucsly that were seen in Trials and Tribbilations Episode from Ds9

All in all a good book and worth a read especially to people who like the time anomoly episodes in Star Trek. What fo other people think who read it.


Will be starting Forgotten History next

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