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Most Annoying Species encounted by Starfleet


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*encountered by Starfleet


I`m interested to hear your thoughts.


My vote goes to either the Zakdorn or the Bynars.


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The Wadi. And the Ferengi.

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Balok such a big buildup thought he would be a good adversary until you find out he is this




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don't understand why the picture is cut in half lol


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Hey, I like the Zakdorns!

I would say the Pakleds.

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Ferengi, definitely. They are ugly little trolls with deformed ears and disgusting teeth who are inherently dishonest. Did I mention the teeth? Gross. 


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Without a doubt, I believe the Ferengi were the most irritating species.


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Pakleds and Ferengi are pretty much tied.

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I would definitely go with either the Ferengi or Q. Ferengi are obnoxious and turn up at the most inconvenient times, but Q is simply annoying. I despise him.


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... The Klingons!!!

I loved the Klingons in TOS, because
All they wanted to do was dominate and
cause mischief. Even in TOS movies,
the Klingons were still kind of cool.

But starting in TNG, they began talking
like idiots. One Klingon actually had the
temerity to tell Worf that he "tasted [his]
heart! But [Worf's] words were but dust on
the ground ..." what the hell stupidity is that?
Klingons talked NORMAL, before, let's get back
to that, shall we? And all this sniffing eachother
and howling like dogs, where did that come from?

After Michael Dorn got hired on DS9 though, that was it!
The Klingons were nothing BUT irritating and annoying ...

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Bajorans. waaay too preachy

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