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Hottest Trek Male

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Created by: rob39874


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Okay so not to sound sexist who is the hottest trek male. Again if you prefer JJ trek characters click other and state which character in the comment


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It never fails to surprise me,
how Female STAR TREK fans,
TNG fans, especially, will choose
DATA over Riker, or any of the
other men in the cast, for raw
Sex Appeal! How does this happen?
The character is meant to represent
a robot, NOT an albino! I think his
being portrayed by a live actor in
grease paint confuses these ladies.
But one thing I'm not confused about:

When it comes to STAR TREK: The Next Generation
... I LOVE IT!!! Let there be no mistaking that ...


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I once read something intruiging about all the stuff around Spock - that he became an icon, women wanted him and so on. I think it was in Nimoy's first autobiography where he was trying to answer the question "Why do women love Spock" and he gave a very interesting answer. He believes that Spock's inability to engage in a relationship made it so special. Women could easily fantasize about being the one to break his logical and rational soul. I guess the same applies to Data: it's just fun to imagine to be with an android and to awake emotions in someone who is not supposed to feel anything. Kind of a challenge.

As for the hottest, unfortunately I can't vote here for both Riker and McCoy!

Blast your theories and observations!


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I'm a Jean-Luc and Spock girl all the way


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Data is programmed in multiple techniques of pleasuring.


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Wow you missed a few!

What about Worf?  He's def on my list!

Then theres also Data, Bashir, The EMH, Chakotay, Spock, Mccoy, Weyoun, Quark, Garrak, and Vorik all on my list as well....

as for who is hottest though thats really hard!  I voted Bashir on your list...but on my list it might just be Weyoun


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How on earth is Data not on this list? Not only is Data quite attractive, but his personality is what made me fall head-over-heels for this android. 

His innocence and curioisty are what first had me interested. The way he would ask questions about human traditions and behavior was lighthearted and endearing. Also, the way he attempted to be more human and often failed is another endearing part of his character. He was always friendly to poeple even when some were prejudice against the fact that he was an android. His charm and charisma were always present with him even though it was obvious they were unintentional. 

Lieutenant Commander Data is by far the most appealing character in Star Trek history, while he has broken my heart on just a few occasions, raised my standards unrealistically high, and had my heart rate beating faster than I can count, this character will always be the imaginary love of my life.   

Feelings are irrelevant.

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