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New Star Trek game for iPhone


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It's called Star Trek: Rivals.  Any of you guys played this game yet?  


My wife downloaded it for me because she knew I was a Star Trek fan.  I thought it would be junk, but it's actually been pretty addicting.  If any of you played (and remember it), the game is similar to the Triple Triad game from Final Fantasy 8.


Basically, it is a two-player game, and each player has 5 cards to play with.  The cards have four numbers, one at the top, bottom, on the left, and on the right.


The rules are simple.  You lay a card down, and your opponent tries to take your card by putting down a card with a higher number.  It may look something like this.


If you put down a card, your opponent may take it on the next possession if he puts down a higher number.  On your next try, you can flip your own card to get it back, or flip your opponent's, which will in turn flip your original card again, giving you possession of all three.  There are 9 grids (and therefore 9 moves to be made) in each game.  Whoever has the most cards at the end wins.


Well, I'm sure I made it sound more complicated than it is, lol.  The game is really quite simple, and quite addictive.


If any of you guys want to sign up, they let you add friends, so we can all play against each other.  It's a free download at iTunes.  After you sign up, you can enter my friend code.  It is MQPJUE.  Enter it during the tutorial, and you will get extra cards to begin with, and extra experience and money each time we play together.


My screenname isn't Trajan, btw.  It's my real name.  (Jeremiah.)


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I have the game and it was addictive but I have gotbored of it recently and havent played it for a while. It's a pity there isn't a different game I remember in 2009 there was a side scroller game for phones but can;t seem to get it for iPhone


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I was just about burned out on it, but the last 2 updates really improved the game.  Before your opponent had 36 hours to make a move before an automatic forfeit gave you the victory.  Now it's an hour.  It's much easier and faster to get through games now.

In addition, when you level up now, you have the chance to buy powerful cards for a 75% discount.  (I don't mean buy with real money, I mean the game money "latinum". 

Another good change is that every day you are offered the chance to get a free card.  If you decline, your odds for getting a powerful card go up the next day, and continue to increase every day you decline until eventually you have a 100% chance to get a powerful card.

Anyway, I'm still having fun with it.  If I could go back and change one thing, it would be never to spend my latinum buying card decks.  You never get what you pay for.  It's better to save your latinum and buy the heavily discounted powerful cards offered after every level up.

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