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Just watched this episode, and although I really liked it, I'm a little confused about the part when Kashyk reads the list of Telepaths on Voyager. Only Tuvok, Vorik , Jarot, and Suder are mentioned as the only telepaths, which is confusing because 1) I've seen other Vulcans walking around the ship on other episodes, and 2) Kes is a telepath, but isn't on this list either. Any theories as to why this is?


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I couild probably come up with plausable explanations for this.  However, the big plot hole is why was Tuvok on the bridge and where did they hide the other telepaths during the final inspection when they kept only vegetables in transporter suspension.  I don't see a way to fill that plot hole.  Someone dropped the ball during the writing of that episode.


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I don't think Kes was there because that episode is on the fifth season and she left on the fourth season. But you are right that there were other vulcans on the ship, so it must have been a writing mistake.

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