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Plot for a new Star Trek Series


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Millenia ago a race known as the Iconians flourished, they were the dominant force of the galaxy and their empires reached every corner. This was until an unknown species even more powerful than the Iconians appeared from another dimension and lay siege to them, wiping their entire civilization out and purging them from the galaxy.

In 2899 the Federation has reached its peak, and the galaxy is a peaceful place. Mankind has lost its curiosity and will to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy and is instead only concerned in keeping the peace of the Federation and making it a secure place.

This is until a group of Iconians appear in the Alpha Quadrant, shocked to see Iconians alive they are even more shocked to hear their warnings. The species that wiped them out are back, their singularity has reopened, as it does every millenia and they are back once more to purge the galaxy again.

The Federation quickly puts together a new crew: Their Captain is young war hero and somewhat of a celebrity in the Federation after succesfully defending a number of skirmishes. He also has an ego to match. His first officer is a Starfleet Intelligence Operative who is very 'by the book' and who has been strategically placed on their ship to undermine the Captain and will resort to any means necessary to ensure the mission is a success. 

Their 'conflicted' crew is made up of a number of misfits, but their passion for exploration makes them relics of a time gone past, but they will have to join together and put their differences aside to defend the galaxy from the Purge...


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This is my idea for a new star trek show, i have plans for a pilot and some ideas for future episodes. I have a few ideas on other characters and actors who I could see playing them. The idea I have could be for either a tv show / web fan series / books.

I am looking for others to join me in this project. Would anyone be interested in helping me put this project together?


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Further Information:

The alien invaders only enter our dimension once every millenia for example. Once a society in our universe has grown too strong i.e. The Iconians, The Federation, then these aliens come along and purge the galaxy effectively wiping the slate clean. These aliens would then hang about in our galaxy for a while before returning to their dimension to wait for the next big species to purge. As these aliens haven't been seen or identified the Federation will call them the Purge as they want to purge the galaxy. Also the Purge would capable of very evil and cruel acts even more so than the Borg or Dominion were, but further into the series we would find out more and more about this species, there would be a few twists that would explain their reasons and things may not all be as they seem. 

Basically the Federation is a peaceful place but they are only interested in ensuring it stays that way by staying out of the way and they have forfeited exploration. There haven't been any big wars as such since the days of the Borg and the Dominion however there have been some skirmishes by a few different jealous species that are getting tired of the way things are. The Captain has been involved in most of the skirmishes and has always saved the day... but the purge will be his biggest test yet! 

The crew isn't misfits as such, they are still starfleet officers at the end of the day but they are quite conflicted, they dont necessarily get on with each other and they all come from different backgrounds. Some of the crew would be people that may have left or been thrown out of starfleet for whatever reason but have been brought back into because of their "interesting skills" and their ability to ensure the job gets done. 

This would be a gritter Trek than we are used to, i think the idea of having a conflicted crew would be similar to the idea that Voyager had, but that wasn't done in the right way. The Crew all got along after the first episode, with this series it may take a while before people start getting along.

Also people may not like the idea of having it too far in the future but i think its better that way... Gene Roddenberry's idea was always looking into the future not looking back. We have done and re-done the periods of TOS - VOY. Think it would be boring to go back there again plus the way our current day technology is advancing the ideas of the technology they use isn't too extreme. With a futuristic show we could introduce some crazy new concepts which would throw people and it could be really interesting.

Another character i've been thinking of which would round up the big 3 on the ship is their female chief of security - a beautiful fiery haired human (species could change) with a fiery temper to match. She's certainly not a damsel in distress and capable of kicking some ass. Her attitude does make her unpopular with other members of the crew and she her relationship with the Captain and the first officer is an interesting one. The Captain wants her on his side but so does the Commander and she enjoys playing them off one another. She is very athletic and strong and is not afraid to leap into the face of danger. Inspirations for her character were from B'lanna Torres / Kira Nerys / Tasha Yar but done in the right way. She would either be a fiery red head or be a raven haired beauty. 

I read an idea for a premise of a new star trek show about a year ago and they talked about a female security officer who had borg implants built into her so she could work collectively with her security force. I really like this idea - and I think with it being the 29th Century having cybernetic implants to improve their strength / reflections etc it would be a very good idea. These wouldn't be your typical red shirts!

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