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When will the people who put together StarTrek team up with the Doctor who people to creat a giant epic Doctor who Startrek crossover for TV with a Temproral Cold war storyline?


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There was a crossover between 11 and TNG, done by IDW comics.  I haven't read it, but it involves Borg.  

Doctor Who's Time War is off limits for non-showrunner writers, as far as I've heard.  Temporal Cold War sounds fun, but how would people feel about it involving the NX-01 crew?


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What does this topic have to do with The Animated Series? This topic belongs in General Discussions....


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I technically would love to see the animated series returned to the screen as long as it is not the jj universe would like to see TNG, DS9,Voy or ENT cast reprising there roles for the next TAS and possibly they could do a crossover with Dr Who but considering there is two different parts of Sci fi find that very unlikly outside of novels and comics

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