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Trek for Rookies: Voyager


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I cover sci-fi for an awesomely fun site called Action A Go Go.

Started a series a few weeks back called "Trek for Rookies."

This week's installment? Voyager.

Thought it might be of interest to some on this section of the boards.

Any and all feedback is truly appreciated.

Here's the link to the article:



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there were several times where you referred to Voyager as Enterprise

and it wasn't so much factual about the show itself but more of your own opinion. That won't really help someone just starting out.

and I disagree with you about the use of te holodeck. In the whole run of the show there were only 9 episodes that featured heavy use. That's not that many for the whole run of the show considering they were stuck in the delta quadrant


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Willow: First off, thanks regarding ENT vs VYG. Only edited it a dozen times. Am currently watching the ENT series so it's on the forefront of my mind. Corrections made.

As for my "opinion"...well of course it is. That's what any review would be. Facts are included, but one of the worst ways to review a show is to just tell people simply what happens.

And the fact is, have received feedback from rookies that are complete strangers to me that have found my series of articles very helpful.

Again, thanks for the feedback.

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