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The Trill and their Symbionts


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I have 2 questions that I was hoping someone could clear up for me, both regarding the Trill:


1. In one DS9 episode (I forget which one), I think I remember someone saying that once a host and symbiont are joined, they are dependant one another other after 93 hours. So does that mean that if the host has second thoughts about being joined, then the symboint can be removed safely before this 93 hour period without harming the host and/or symbiont?


2. Although I don't think this is ever revealed in any series, can a host, theoretically, take on more than one symbiont at a time? And if so, are there any complications to the hosts or symbionts? (eg Multiple Personality Disorder, etc.)


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1)A trill spends years and years training to get a symbiont. it is a very big deal to them to get one. I doubt anyone would ever just change their mind. But in theory yes, before that time they can be safely separated

2)There is supposedly a shortage of symbionts, not everyone who wants one gets one so why would they put two into one person? Getting ONE symbiont is like having multiple personality disorder anyway


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1) I think that happened in "Invasive Procedures". Verad joined with the Dax symbiote against its will, and Bashir was later able to remove it without injuring either of them.

2) I doubt there's room for more than one in a single host's body.

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