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What are the more popular Star Trek podcasts right now?


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Report this Jul. 22 2013, 10:31 pm

I'm pretty fond of Mission Log right now. Mission Log is probably the most professional and well laid out show I've heard to date. Plus they have Rod Roddenberry behind them, and they do a fine job. They are the show I always wanted, from day 1 setting out to cover the entire franchise. They are nearly finished with TOS Season 2. They have just about a month to go before hitting season 3.

I also enjoy listening to Treknologic and Trek Companion. I was a Make it So fan from Simply Syndicated back in the day, that was my first podcast back in 2006.

What is everyone else currently listening to?


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That's pretty cool. I haven't seen any of those around. I'll have to search for them.

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