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Last chance to uncover the lost remastered Doomsday Machine


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Report this Jul. 22 2013, 9:15 pm

When it was first annouced the original series would be remastered the first sample clips included an all new Doomsday Machine. This one looked like it had been built by man instead of a soggy icecream cone or a fish with its head cut off. It appeared to be made of a combination of metal and concrete. It appeared mostly smooth due to its size.   It was armed with two green laser weapons that fired from what would be each of the corners of its mouth, it you could say what it has is a mouth.  It maneuvered like a ship from Star Wars instead of something from an Ed Wood movie.   I don't know how to post a picture here so here is a link.


I posted this query several years ago but it sparked no recognition..I thought i would give it one more try. If anyone has see this let me know.  It would also be nice to know who created the remastered Trek. Maybe they could respond.

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