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What are some good Star Trek novels to read?


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Anyone know what Star Trek novels are good to read?


The only ones I can think of are Q Squared, Ship of the Line, and The Return.


Any good Deep Space Nine novels to get into?


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My personal favorite is Uhura's Song, but I haven't read a Star Trek novel in over ten years, so I probably missed some good ones.


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Do you have a favorite author or two? If so, did they write any Star Trek books?

Personally, I really like Peter David, Diane Duane, Diane Carey, Michael Jan Friedman and a few others.  But.... since there are hundreds of books, there will be many you hate or love, depending on your views.


If you're looking for a specific DS9 novel, one of my favorites is Hollow Men.  It has to do with events around the In the Pale Moonlight episode.


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For Deep Space Nine. I would definitely check out, A Stitch in Time, written by Andrew J. Robinson

As for other good Star Trek books, I would also recommend:

Imzadi by Peter David

The Eugenics Wars(2 books) by Greg Cox

Best Destiny by Diane Carey

I,Q by Peter David


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The «Cold Equations» trilogy by David Mack is excellent.  If you have been missing someone since Nemesis, it offers an interesting possibility.  The one thing I did not like in the books is :  Beverly Crusher is not going to have a baby at age 60 (the action takes place about 20 years after the beginning of TNG).  I do not care if the technology exists, women, as a general rule, do not want to have chidren past age 45. 

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