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A New Gold Rush Era....


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Interesting article.

Why are these minerals important not only to the U.S. but the rest of the world?

Read on - See how China is effecting the energy resource market here in the U.S.? By China raising the price on the alloy used to make electrical engines for the Prius along with inciting the Middle East to raise prices on crude oil that America is dependent on China is actually dictating how the U.S. economy runs. Politicians are so greedy and stupid in America that they don't even see it....and if they do they are doing nothing about it because somewhere along the line China is providing them with offshore accounts to hide their money in while American are drug along the bottom of the pit.  The new rush for these minerals is a must for the U.S. so we can regain control of the U.S. economy as well as the Chinese economy so we can get the gas prices back down to a reasonable level so we can create more Prius to remain ahead of the so death and decay that gasoline powered engines are creating. Read Moby Dick sometime and you will realize how crude oil was the Moby Dick to the whaling industry and the reason why the Chinese are trying to keep their Moby Dick from surfacing with cheaper forms of locomotion like the Prius. The more the Chinese and their Ahab  continue down the road they are on the closer to the coffin and the Rachel they come.


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Of all resources, it is oil that will be the most critical.



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The important resources for space exploration efforts would be oxygen, water, methane gas and solar power to get us there. Then solar power, wind, tidal, geo thermal, oil and coal would be developed.

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