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New member, wanted to share my "art".


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Hello all, New member here in South Florida. Been a ST fan all my life. I took up Airbrushing a couple months ago and after about 20 hours of work, I have basically finished my first piece, minus the sanding and clear coating stage. I figured what better place to get some honest opinions of my first piece.


You may recognize the image, I decided to do my own rendtion of the painting in Capt. Picards office.

Let me know what you think.


Thanks folks.



P.S: Sorry about grainey quality. I will upload better images asap.


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Not too bad for being new at it.


Much better than I could ever do. 


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Nice work it looks great, I like the blue trail from the nacelles and the natural placement and variance of the starts. That sun is amazing, the way the light changes colour and the way the light rays are painted is beautiful.

I recommend uploading it to DeviantArt, they have a few Star Trek art groups there who can give you their opinions too.

Hey world, I'm here to comment on the message boards and keep my eyes open in case a new Star Trek series shows up.


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The painting you referred to isn't all that interesting, actually.
Perhaps, even by design, so as not to distract from the actors
acting out these passionate scenes, in front of it. But I would
consider your efforts, so far, to be a work in progress.

It looks like an underpainting, in need of further refinement
and more "building up." Otherwise, considering that you are
trying to duplicate another work, there is not much else I can
say on it -- except there doesn't seem to be any proper perspective,
where the ENTERPRISE is concerned. It looks "eyeballed." Lopsided.
I would hold up a mirror to the ship to get a better gage on that
... and make adjustments, accordingly. Not too bad, for a start!


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Thank you for the comments, I appreciate it. I agree with you, 2takesfrakes, "depth" is something I'm trying to work on more, as well as fine line detail. I will post more pics as I make more progress.


Eviltree, thank you for that suggestion, I will deffinately look into it (deviantart)



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