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Idea for a new Star Trek series. "Star Trek, Section 31."

commodore decker

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Kinda Like a Mission Impossible Meets Star Trek.....The federations version of the CIA..So to speak. Star Fleet admirals know they exists, but wont confirm or deny they have operatives that work in secret. They can overide any Star Ship Captains orders, answer really to know one. Dr. Bashir was the 1st to encounter "SLOAN" a section 31 operative on DS9 then a mention of them on "Star Trek into Darkness"


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Star Trek Renegades seems to be an semi-official new Series , set just after the Next Generation Era , and is based around Section 31 missions , coming out soon ! 




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There's also some Section 31 books -


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Who has the yea or nay say to a new Star Trek series? How would one go about pitching it?

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