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I could use some help please!


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Ok, I've had an interest in Star Trek for a while now, and have watched most of season one of TNG on Netflix, but after having read up about it, I just know I'm going to regret having watched it before some of the others, TOS especially. I looked up to see where I could watch it and boom! It's free to watch on the Star Trek official website, the whole series! I quickly find the first episode of the first season of TOS, "The Man Trap"....only to have it say that it's unavailable to stream because of my geographic location. (I live in Canada) I've tried going into my computer settings and changing location, and using a proxy server, but nothing seems to work! I'd like to avoid pirating TOS, out of respect for the franchise, but if that's my only option, I MAY be willing to look into it. I know this isn't a tech forum, but I was hoping someone could help me out, so that another fan can join the Trekkie ranks, because when I get into a franchise, I really get into it, and I'd REALLY like to be able to experience Star Trek, from the beginning. Any help that you guys could offer me would be very appreciated, so thank you in advance! (Hopefully)


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Sorry I can't help personally, but here's what I do for any computer dilemma: seek help thru the interwebs - what I mean is query Google, "how to watch US videos in CN"

Then ask some ST TOS fans what their fave episodes are! Suspend your disbelief about how far behind they seem in their technology though: while you're watching 1960s characters using the predecessors of cellphones and iPads, you'll also see them using what was cutting-edge 1960s technology like voice-print matching to discover a criminal. Be patient, or "transport yourself" back to the 1960s.

Some of my fave episodes: Amok Time / The Doomsday Machine / Charlie X / The Man Trap / City on the Edge of Forever / Conscience of the King / The Naked Time / The Ultimate Computer / Devil in the Dark / Mirror, Mirror

Good luck and ENJOY! Live long and Prospurr



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