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Creating a hand made TOS Phaser Rifle, need some assistance


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Report this Jul. 18 2013, 3:59 pm

Hello everyone, first time poster, long time reader.

My Uncle Chuck (some call him WoodChuck) and I are attempting to make, from wood, a TOS Phaser rifle.  We have dimentions, photos from every angle, and what not.  I think the 3 Jewels on the one side and the mutli colored piece on the other side would be easy to find, but I'm having no luck with the back handle.  It's a shovel handle from what I can tell but I cannot find anything like it anywhere.  Amazon, ebay, google search, nothing has turned up at all.  I was wondering if anyone here had built a hand made TOS Rifle, and if a substitution was needed for some of the parts, if they could give me a leg up on the situation.


Dunno if you can click on the link, but he made that for me 2 years ago from a photo, and me making hand gestures saying "bout this big by this big".  The type 1 is held in place by magents and can be removed.  It's just amazing what he can do, and I'm hoping I can help him make this rifle for me to display.


Thanks for any help!

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