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Is anyone reporting the spam?


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Report this Jul. 17 2013, 3:09 am

I just paged through the movie board and counted 8 pages of pure spam. What a disgrace to have the official board of Star Trek polluted like this.

Has anyone else been actively reporting this? Aside from clicking the "report this" link, which I think is probably useless, you can email them directly here:

I emailed them and told them that they need to page throgh every board and comb back at least 10 pages on the movie board.  I'd previously emailed them and got a canned response asking for a link to the spam, to which I replied "You're kidding right? It's the entire board, not just one thread.

I'd suggest everyone who's sick of the spam email them.

I know I posted about this in the forum but I wanted to bump it up here so it gets more views.

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