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Question about Borg assimilation **possible spoilers**


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In Voyager, there were three episodes that I can recall where a technology-attacking virus (Infinite Regress), a genetic-based mutation (Collective, Child's Play), and a pathogen (Endgame) gave the Borg some difficulty when they assimilated certain people.  What if they assimilated someone who was addicted to narcotics?  Would that infect the entire Borg collective, or would something such as drug addiction be "written out", for lack of a better term...neutralized upon assimilation....  I hope I'm making sense.  

And yes, there is addiction in the 24th century....the Jem Hadar, for example.  You can be sure there are species with this type of malady out there.



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I think something like narcotics would simply be filtered out. Or perhaps that one person might be considered "damaged" and not worthy of assimilation

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