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Hey Guys, I am looking for and if needed; requesting some Schematics on STO ships; specifically the Exeter Class


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I am working on some fan made Star Trek Comics that are coming out soon and the series takes place during the time of the game itself, and I was wondering if anybody could tell me where to find schematics or 3D references of some of the ships in the game itself; specifically the Exeter class starship because that is the main one I will be forcusing on, so where can I find them specifically?

Mr. Spock.............. Sensor readings! Captain, I do believe that this is a Romulan vessel..... Or Klingon vessel. Well.... Which one.....Mr. Spock?


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Well... in STO, most ships and their bridges just don't match as we can pick our bridges from a list.  On my Sovereign class ship, I put a Defiant style bridge.  Some ships come with the correct bridges by default (like my Temporal Destroyer has a Wells class bridge.)

I did find the Exeter class listed at: and video of it at


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