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A question that's been nagging my brain


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So something that i've been slightly obessed with is finding a "Canon" reason why:


Starfleet decided to break services areas the way they did 


Why they chose to have them so prominatly displayed on uniforms 


Any help in this would be much appricated. I know the real reason was because Star Trek was in color and they want the Color to "Pop" but I've never found a "in world" reason. 




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Im sure some expert on the Star Trek universe will come up with the canon reason for this, but what comes to my mind when reading your "in world reason" statement is that it is not uncommon in the real world to differentiate between departments in an organization. I am a nurse and each specialty/department in the hospital has a different color scrub uniform to wear. Nursing wears purple, radiology(x-ray) wears black, respiratory wears blue, PT (physical therapy) wears green...and so on and so on.


I dont know, just my thought.

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In the military, there are specialties and there is often a way to distinguish people based on that specialty.  Also, take a look at a navy vessel (which Starfleet is based on) - especially an aircraft carrier - everyone on deck has a color that signifies what they do.

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