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ARE YOU watching the new Netflix Series "Orange Is The New Black?"


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Taylor Schilling is a woman who goes to prison for her part in a drug trafficking incident that's over a decade old  - - Laura Prepon is the woman who put her there and is in prison herself - - Jason Biggs is the fiancee who tries to make the lemons into lemonade - - and a whole cast of great comic actors make this a fantastic series.  

I just saw it in my NEW queu Friday and just binged on it, couldn't stop myself.  SEE IT! !  

Kate Mulgrew is especially great/scary as the head of the prison kitchen, 'Red' Reznikov




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Watched the first episode. The American Pie references were cool but I couldn't quite get into it. They lost me completely with the tampon sandwich.

I did not like Kate Mulgrew in this. She looked awful! She was absolutely stunning as Cpt. Janeway and I prefer to keep that image of her in my mind, thank-you vey much.

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