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First series


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I've just finished the first series of Enterprise, and it's quite funny seeing how they're afraid of the teleporter and can only go warp 4.5.

Also the season finalle was amazing, especially the follow up where he teleports back to the Enterprise.

Five Captains

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I for one am glad you liked it. Being a fan of all Star Trek, I feel that Enterprise deserves more respect than what it gets.


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me too. it's my favorite series though i love them all.


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When I first saw episode 1 of Enterprise when it was aired in the UK on channel 4 this was a few years ago and due to it  being a prequel to Kirk I wasn't impressed and didnt watch it again until recently and I wish I had given it a chance when it was on TV as although Season 1 is focused on the characters backstorys and getting to know them it sets it up for the Temporal cold War storyline. 

My Favourite Episode is Shockwave Part 1. 

But other seasons have a a lot of better episodes it is a pity it only lasted 4 seasons so the only way I can get my Enterprise kick now is with the Ent novels. Would have loved to have seen Season 5 cover the romulan wars bus alas it was not to be.

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