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Into The Expanse - USS Nashville

Akira Hannah

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Far from the edges of Federation space, the crew of a vessel rushed to launch under a captain not quite sure of his own abilities finds itself struggling to keep to Starfleet's peaceful ideals alive amidst a wary people that hardly wants them there to begin with. 

The USS Nashville, a Constituion-class vessel barely off the production lines, is assigned to a mission few in the admiralty thought would ever come - exploring the region once called the Delphic Expanse. A sprawling area of space home to a host of strange alien races and increasingly controlled by the machinations of a cautious and distrustful Xindi Confederacy, this untamed land has become a stomping ground as wondrous as it is deadly.

Under the watchful eye of a foreign government wary of Starfleet's increasingly militaristic tendencies and facing the unknown on a daily basis, the crew of the Nashville finds itself in a place where they just might be able to boldly go in the fine traditions that seem almost lost in these tense and wary days.


If you're up for the challenge, apply today:


Currently open positions:


-First Officer

-Chief Engineer

-Chief Science Officer

-Chief Medical Officer

-Chief of Security

-Chief Helmsman

-Chief Communications Officer

-Chief Navigator/Weapons Officer

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