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Space-Time Loop May Explain Black Holes


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Report this Jul. 10 2013, 1:47 pm

Very interesting article.

I still think that Black Holes are a gate way to what is on the outside of our Universe or the absolute of space itself.

Another interesting sub article.

The article discusses layers of matter and how scientists hate infinities.

Infinity is what the Universe is comprised of. When we come to lowest or layer of matter and understand the process that created the lowest layer of matter the question always remains,

"If we know that Process X," good title for a movie " has created the lowest layer of matter then there has to be a Process Y that created Process X which has created the lowest layer of matter."

This comes close to a paradox of infinity much the same way that religion is a paradoxial infinity in so much that in order for one goddess to create she must first have to be created. She could not simply create herself therefore meaning that she would need to have been created by another goddess first. Who created the goddess that created the goddess that created what she did?


Besides if we were to stop questioning the unknown humanity would die because humans are explorers based upon a natural design that has allowed us to survive for this long while other species have died off or have killed through natural disasters.

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