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Should There be another ST Movie With the New cast

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Created by: rob39874


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I for one did not like ST2009 and hated STID and vote them on par with ST V as the worst ST movie ever. So I personally say no do not use the new cast scrap the new universe into the trash and go back to the prime universe post TNG and give us a show or film that is Star Trek


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I'm not a fan of the new movies either, but there WILL be another move. There was always plans for three movies, I believe the actors even had contracts for three movies. the first movie made a butt load of money, the second movie made ok money enough to justify a third movie


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I voted yes and am looking forward to the next movie. My favorite ST movie so far is still Voyage Home.

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I also know for a fact that at least in interviews it is portrayed a sure thing that a third movie is comming. I sincerly hope they manage to build in some message above the ones I have been missing throughout the first two ones. If I had a say, I would vote NO, but then again, even if improbable, maybe the lucky charmed third one somehow results to be ... naw.


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It would kind of be a waste to not make a third one. And I, for one, welcome it. I enjoyed both of the previous ones, Into Darkness especially, and eagerly await what comes next.

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What a SILLY question.....Of course....there should be.   funny smoking kid emoticon     ugly man laugh smiley


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As long as they don't copy old scripts again it will be fine.  Be original people!!


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I appreciate the modern films for what they are, and loved Leonard Nimoy's cameo, but neither of the 2 movies gave me that special Star Trek feeling I used to get when seeing the movies or watching a new episode of TNG (and it's heirs) in the 90s, and I kind of miss that...

The line must be drawn here....and no further!


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There should be and there will be. No amount of crying and howling will stand in the way of Star Trek.

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Yes me fellow Droogs I could videe another with the new cast.

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Don't mind if there is. Don't mind if there ain't. However... Those who don't like the new films are by no means obliged to watch them.

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The last two movies weren't Star Trek. So: No.


I'd rather see never again a Star Trek movie than more of this.


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I say yes, I'm a huge fan of Trek and unlike a lot of other big fans I quite enjoyed the 2 movies. I'm actually surprised at the amount of poo they sling at it, especially since it's doing wonders for the franchise we all love. Hey who knows, maybe we'll even all get another TV series because of these reboot movies, who knows?


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The new cast of actors portraying these iconic characters is truly superb at their craft and I am eager to see more from them.
They are all highly gifted and talented to deny that is to be completely blind and prejudice ageist these new actors.
I toughly enjoyed then in Star Trek 2009. They melted perfectly together in this new situation they were mixed into.
Ironically while the performances of these fine tuned actors and actresses were pure perfection in STID it was the over all plot and story decisions the writers choose to follow which left much to be desired.
If given the correct story with proper depth and emotional understanding coupled with the standards of a super action films the studio wants, these actors will surely go where no one has gone before in TV or film.
Then we would have the perfect balance of Star Trek on film that we all would enjoy.
I know it's a tall order and probably a difficult one at that, but I believe with the right writers and right story Star Trek with these actors could make a statement and make a difference once again.
So theres no reason to write them off at all.

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Yes I definitely think there should be another one.. And seeing as they have now made a remake of khan why not continue with the remakes, and give god a spaceship. Let's see Spocks brother, and let "God" be Captain Sisko.   I never liked khan in the first place, so this remake was a bit of a Meh experience. 


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