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my thought of a New Star Trek


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Report this Jul. 07 2013, 4:32 pm

With the destruction of the Enterprise F and seemingly getting over the last war. A new threat, the Eheat. Starfleet fights for survival from this grave threat. Mounting fear and the demise of most of the fleet, starfleet must use all available rescources and personel to ensure the survival of all the worlds in the federation. while losing ships and lives the struggle continues all the same. then the big break. a new ship is developed and the balance of power is changed. the Eheat fear. they launch an all out search and destroy mission which translates out to a large scale cat and mouse, danger and daring, sacrifice and desperation. Includes intense action and violent space battle visuals.      Star Trek: Last Stand.

The Eheat: A race encountered that after a brief and debated meeting with the federation decides that they want nothing to do with any part of it. In an attemp at a second meeting they destroy 3 ships. They take the second gesture as an act of war and the onslaught begins.

This show will be graphic in the nature of no mercy loss, ship to ship warfare, and intense scenes of wartime merit.

One damn minute, Admiral.

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