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Will We Ever See Another Star Trek TV Series?


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The cost of filming each episode of TNG and the succeeding series is probably prohibitive--although probably much less than it cost 25 years ago!

Wouldn't it be great if someone--perhaps CBS--could sponsor a Star Trek Channel, that would show only Star Trek stories?  Then, perhaps, it might be less expensive to generate new stories for our (various) beloved series!

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Quote: NCC-1864 @ Sep. 01 2013, 12:43 pm

>But judging a movie on a point that is rather objective, such as its clear metaphors, should be judged objectively....and we have personally had debates concerning the new movies and you know my position on the movies...I am not saying everyone should love the new movies and that JJ is the savior, but there is a difference between not liking it and being unfair to it...I dont mind if you do not like the new movies, but at least be fair to them...
If I attempted to do some artistic work - paint something, write music, etc. and even it had a very clear metaphor, nobody in their right mind would buy it because I'm terrible as an artist.  I can't draw/paint/sing/etc., and it's quite fair for people to acknowledge that even though I may have come up with something that had a great metaphor or statement, the product is still garbage.


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I just came up with a Idea for a new show. The plot is a single Borg or small group of Borg are separated from the collective and overtime learn the benefits of individualism and discover there humanity. They might have non-borg crewmen. They could work off of the idea of voluntary assimilation. If the crew needs to be star fleet then it could be a half assimilated star fleet ship and crew that have to live with there forced assimilation and distrusted by star fleet they have to have a long dangerous adventure to prove themselves. If you wanted continuity you could have them wake up as individuals after the destruction of the queen. A different idea could be the fight of the new queens battling each other for territory and for control of the colective.

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