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Will I enjoy watching star trek: the original series?


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I have to completely modify what I said about TOS. There are only very episodes I don't like, there are many intriguing stories and interesting philosophical questions, the acting and the chemistry among the characters are supreme - I think I'll rewatch TOS many many times. A definite must-watch if you have an open mind and are more interested in the stories than special effects.


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The acting was superb, the stories were superior, and the character development trumped all else. The fight scenes are cheesy at times too...but you gotta keep in mind. This was the 60's. And IN that, try to appreciate that the stories and the show itself depended on itself as groundbreaking and treading new water. They didn't have anything to fall back on. They created their own history.

AND, there was conflict in space (as best depicted in DS9 and Enterprise), the way it most likely will be if we ever smarten the fuck up and get off this rock and actually get to exploring.

The Orginal Series wasn't watered down with the thick "Benevolance in Space" that TNG was.

All that,, and THE MIGHTY GORN.

Nothin' beats The ORginal Series man,,,nothin'!


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