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Will I enjoy watching star trek: the original series?


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I once made a post stating I am looking forward to watching the (at that time) new series "Enterprise" since I could not watch them in American English while stationed in Germany. The result was a new thread with many positive responses explaining what to look forward to. I then asked about the "Mirror Universe" episodes and many members replied. I then posted a thread regarding TOS as a first time viewer just to get some responses going in this nearly dead message board. It worked. That was a couple of years ago. Since then there are these multiple accounts from members constantly ranting about watching Trek for the first time for whatever reason...again and again. What would you do without me? Get a life! btw, this continuous pushing to take Star Trek away from her home in America and transplant it to England will explode in your faces if you do not stop pushing. Guaranteed! The spirit of Trek art is over a half century old and very massive. If you know nothing about art with spiritualism where it is rooted then I suggest you quickly stop this insane (and artisticly criminal) course otherwise you will regret it.


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Really, at this point in time, the effects in the original Star Trek are no more dated than the effects in The Next Generation and in early Voyager episodes.  If you watch the original show, you'll see some pretty cheesy props.  If you watch The Next Generation and early Voyager, you'll see some really clunky CGI work (and some cheesy props, too).  And the overall look of the original show is actually better, because the sets, camera work and (especially) the lighting are all so much more professionally done.

For all its budgetary constraints and dated effects, the original Star Trek was the only Star Trek television series to air on a major network, and it still shows.

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Quote: vRobin @ Jul. 03 2013, 11:08 am


>Ty for the replies, I'll definitely give the first season a shot and see if i like it

So what do you think so far?


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Quote: FleetAdmiral_BamBam @ Jul. 19 2013, 4:03 pm

Quote: vRobin @ Jul. 03 2013, 11:08 am



>Ty for the replies, I'll definitely give the first season a shot and see if i like it

So what do you think so far?

absolutely loving it,took me a moment to get used to the difference in quality from the enterprise series tho.

half throught season 1 now


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Yes. Watch TOS.
One thing people have mentioned is the special effects.
I would suggest you keep in mind the moral landscape
TOS was produced in.

Gene Roddenbury wanted women to command but the
sexist attitude of the time was overwhelming.

So yea, in the far future women still couldn't drive.
But Mr Roddenbury had more of his way in TNG.

You may find it interesting to compare episode storylines 
between the two.

Make some popcorn! Perhaps using microwave radiation for
a more futuristic feel.

Keep your hailing frequencies open.


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Good to see that TOS has a new fan. The costumes and FX are pretty much the only dated thing about it. The stories will be great forever.


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I too was apprehensive when I was considering watching the original series, but I decided to give them a shot because I hate starting things anywhere but the beginning. I remember watching the first six episodes and feeling really weird about it because of the difference in quality and FX, but I got used to it and now I just laugh at the poorly executed FX while enjoying the story. I am glad you are enjoying it as I now am, and actually I am going to be sad when I finish watching season 3 and have to move on to the later series.

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I admit I have a horrible time with TOS. I grew up watching reruns as a kid and James Kirk was my first crush and I remember *loving it* and of course the original crew have a place in my heart... I am sort of a new or re-born fan and made the resolution to watch all the shows but.... I just cant. Mostly it's the horrible sexism that bothers me. Also some of the stories really aren't all that great (sorry if that hurts anyones feelings!). I think what I'll do is pick those episodes with good reviews and ratings and the ones with really interesting storylines (like Tomorrow is yesterday or The enemy within).

I am a TNG girl. There are some outstandingly bad (and sexist!!) TNG episodes in the first two seasons but at that point, I had already grown fond of the cast/crew and for some reason I find it easier to overlook the "bad" in TNG. Maybe because I know it gets better. I am not sure (can't remember!) if TOS developped/grew in the same way.

On a positive note I wanted to add that when re-watching TOS now as an adult, I realized that Kirk has a lot more depth as a character than I used to think, and seeing the crew come together in the first few episodes, was really great. And like others have said, this is where and how it all began... some episodes are just very trying on my patience. 

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My favorite season is 1.   All those great Sci_Fi writers.


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I grew up with TNG but used to watch TOS reruns with my dad on a Sunday on BBC 2 in the UK. Althought the acting is on par as it is in the later episodes and movies the storylines are good for the time period and gives you classic sci-fi.

Also the sfx are outdated remember TOS had no money so the producers and roddenberry had to do the best they could with what they could get.

However it is fun to watch and just to see the birth of star trek although not a fan of Nu Trek I am glad it is bringing new fans into experiencing the prime universe


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I'm born in the 90's myself and I love TOS and TNG, especially TOS. Never really got into the others.

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If you have gotten into any of the Star Trek franchise and enjoyed it, thhen yes you should, as long as you can get past the 60s vintage special effects.


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Quote: hawkdoc60 @ Sep. 12 2013, 6:21 pm


>If you have gotten into any of the Star Trek franchise and enjoyed it, thhen yes you should, as long as you can get past the 60s vintage special effects.


I agree... you have to overlook the 60s effects and concentrate on the stories and the characters. Not ALL episodes are equally awesome, but definitely enough to make it worth watching. 

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STAR TREK: The Original Series is very enjoyable! Pure Camp FUN!!!



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i grew up on TOS. . . .Everynight of my life i think til TNG came out. . . . .Back when all channels were Antenna's & there was always a startrek on one of the UHF channels (Choices were eitherST/MASH/MorkNMindy/Happy Days/Taxi /etc. . . . . . .A definite money maker for me would be. . . .TOS redone, You know. . . . .Updated Phaser Fire etc. . Phasers that fire in more than one direction . . .Keep the music tho, but all the cheesy ShuttleCraft stuff, & Torpedos NOT coming out of the bottom of the Saucer section. . . . . . .


The way DS9 redid The Tribbles Episode. . .AWESOME!!!


So, to the original Question, Stories & Characters are Epic, Special Effects are Awesome for the 60's. . . . if you can live without CGI, you'll luv the TOS.


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