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Will I enjoy watching star trek: the original series?


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I never watched star trek before I did know about it but I'm too young (born in 1996) to have watched almost all of the series when they first aired.
so after i went to star trek: into darkness I wanted to watch all the old series I missed.
Now I'm wondering if I'll enjoy watching star trek the original series since the FX, customes ect. might be outdated.
I would really appreciate an awnser and maybe some advice about the other series aswell.
(I appologise for my english if it seems kind off bad.)

Thanks in advance.


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If you're looking for the original stories to see where this all started, you'll probably enjoy it.  Yes, the technology and FX is very outdated, but I try to watch my TOS DVDs once a year or so.  (But... I'm almost 30 years older than you, so I grew up on TOS.)


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TOS  has a lot of episodes that make you think. If you like those kinds of shows, I think you will definately enjoy it. But give it a chance. After all, it did start the whole history of Star Trek


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I highly recommend going back and watching the series that started it all. The show's effects, make up and soundtrack are all dated, however, the characters and story are all as good as Trek to come, the original crew still stand as my favourite infact. Some may also recommend it by saying how ground breaking for its time the show was, and I agree, the fact the show is still a joy to watch says a lot, so many old TV shows become quite difficult to sit through, but not Star Trek. Check it out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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I have been going back watching some of the original TV series and am enjoying it very much. This is the show that started it all and here we are almost 50 years later and still talking about Star Trek. I enjoy the sense of adventure, uniquess and creativeness of the series as well as Gene Roddenberry's idea of convaying hope for the future. 


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Ty for the replies, I'll definitely give the first season a shot and see if i like it


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just take it with a grain of salt, remember it was the 60s and they had practically no money to work with


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The Original Series was Remastered in 2006 and most of the episodes you can see for free on this website or on Netflix, Hulu, or other websites are the remastered versions. The FX are about as good as on a New Voyages episode.


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Worst Star Trek series overall in my opinion, but still good and it definetly has its moments. Best thing about TOS is that it's the Star Trek series that started it all. (i.e. Federation, Starfleet, Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans, etc.)


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The most important thing to remember about TOS is that within it is laid the FOUNDATION on which all of the rest of the "Star Trek Universe" was CREATED.

Yes to a large degree it is dated "Special Effects" wise but if you flip the coin "Storyline" wise I would say it could easily compete with most any other series. Also the acting was top notch.

As our friend "Chator56" pointed out "FX" wise in 2006 for the 40th Anniversary they gave TOS what they called a "Space Lift" where they totally REMASTERED nearly everything from new Digital special Effects to completly reorcastrating the opening and closing credits and a whole lot more. And that is just DVD. Now they have released TOS on Blu-ray. So in conclusion, My point is I really believe it is worth a watch no matter age. 



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The special effects were good for the time, I suppose.  I recommend TOS for the characters and the stories.  As mentioned by others already, it is the basis for all series to come.  If you watch season one and are still up in the air about whether to continue, at least watch The City on the Edge of Forever in season two.  It is the best TOS episode.


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I would have to agree with Uninvited Guest. TOS is the worst in terms of the writing, acting, special effects, and overall tone or believability. But it started it all and some would say it had the best character chemistry between Kirk, Spock, and Bones, which the other series attempted to imitate. You could also argue the other series were all imitations to some degree. Where the later series accelled compared to the original is where they attempted to be different and expand on the Trek universe.


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yes you will if you except and understand the time frame from when it was written, that is the time frame from which it is drawing its stories from. ( Just skip the hippie episode )


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I'm 23 (born 1989) and have always been into sci-fi, but have primarily been a video gamer and not a TV/movie watcher so I never bothered watching any Star Trek.  I was drawn to Star Wars due to the games, enjoyed the movies, but never Trek.  I did see the 2009 film and enjoyed it and then saw Into Darkness and really enjoyed it as well.  It sparked an interest in the series and I finally decided to watch the original TV show.  If you're just "testing the waters" you can watch the TOS episodes online which is where I started watching.  I got hooked, the episodes are lengthy, engaging, and well done.  Sure, the effects are cheesy but what can you expect with the technology they had at the time?  I actually think they're pretty well done taking all that into account.  Unfortunately my computer stopped wanting to play the Flash videos online so I just bought the remastered DVD box set.  The new effects are well done and don't get in the way or screw up the storyline like the remastered Star Wars mishaps did.  They're also pretty true to the original style (the online videos are the originals, not the remasters).

I'm only halfway through Season 1 but am definitely hooked.  I say go for it, if you like sci-fi and space it's a great show.  The effects are cheesy and the acting (particularly fight scenes) can be cheesy at times as well, but that doesn't detract from the story.  The cast is great and they play the characters well.  I look forward to completing the series.  I can't speak for the other series since I haven't watched them yet, but judging TOS against other, more modern sci-fi stories it has easily become one of my favorite.


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I started wih Enterprise last Summer and it was fun starting off with watching a crew only have a Warp 5 ship, no resequenser and dealing with their Vulcan overlords. It's been a fun journey to now go through TOS.

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