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Never read a Star Trek Book....Recommendations?


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Hi everyone,

So I'm looking for recommendations on good Star Trek books. I've never read one but I'd like to start reading them. I like TNG and DS9; I thought both of those shows were great. I'd like to read something that pertains to those shows but especially a book that highlights the Klingons of that era but I am open on anything.



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Do you have any particular authors that you like that also write Star Trek books?  If so, try those.  My favorite authors are Peter David, Diane Carey, Diane Duane, Michael Jan Friedman, (and a few others.)

The other thing you can do is read a book that's a continuation of a story we saw as an episode.


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Strangers From The Sky, Killing Time, Imzadi.  There is a Day of Honor series, at least I think it's a series, which focuses on Klingon characters from TNG, DS9, and VOY, but I haven't read it.

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Destiny series - I loved it.

Try the New Frontier - Its set in the TNG timeline but a whole new crew, new ship, new stories.  I love this series and I am on the last book now.


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There are actually books about the Klingons, if you're interested:

NCC 1701 B

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I LOVE reading the Star Trek books, because it feels like you get more out of it than watching the shows. If you want a little bit of each series, try reading The Badlands by Susan Wright. You get to see the problem through the eyes of almost every crew, and it’s a quick, fun read.


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Depends on what your after If you want to read something different than the standards shows I would reccomend The New Frontier novels. 

For TOS the Cruicible Trilogy is a good start as it shows certain scenes we remember from the shows and how it impacts Spock Kirk and Mccoy The Mccoy one is the best one.

TNG I reccomend Q Squared because the idea of Trelane being a child Q is amazing

DS9: Dark Mirror I know it's a crossover with VOY TNG and DS9 Mirror universe but it's mostly about 7 and Intendant Kira

ENT: Kobayashi Maru: As the romulan wars talk about plot in that book alot


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Vanguard Series for TOS timeline.

Imzadi for TNG

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