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Blu-Ray 2D vs 3D ( Not a poll)


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(I will try to be succinct as possible) Ok so I noticed that a lot of the Star Trek franchise is getting a "face-lift." By now, everyone is aware that Star Trek is being converted to Blu-Ray. However, we stand on a technological precipice: Blu-Ray 2D & Blu-Ray 3D. Before I wait for the TNG Blu-Ray series collection to come out (I don't wanna buy it in a piece-meal fashion), I was wondering if any of the big wigs have given any thought to making it all again in 3D. My friend, a techno-geek, says that this would be a long, arduous process & isn't likely to happen. Bottom line: I just don't wanna buy it all (when I have the funds) only to see it go 3D a year or two later. Comments?

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