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Is there any European Star Trek convention of any kind ?

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I am a big fan since the early 90´s and have never seen or heard about any specific Star Trek convention in Europe. In Austria we have a general comic convention three to four times a year, but the focus there is always interluding between Star Wars specials, then Batman, another Star Wars special, then a specific german comic, then another Star Wars special again ... last time the focus was on a rather child-based adventure comic, and guess what will be next conventions special focus .. well, I´d better tell you, since you would have never guessed, suprise, it is Star Wars. The romantic in me always thought that the girl of my dreams would share my passion for Star Trek, but how to meet her, if we are constantly beeing "war-ed" and not "trek-ked"?


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there's Fedcon which is in Germany. That's suppoed to be a very good con


here's another con in Germany

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Thanks for the info !

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