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Most and Least Favorite Holodeck settings


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I'm not talking about Holodeck episodes, but the programs themselves, whether they appeared in only one, or many episodes. My favorites are Vic Fontaine's holobar and Paris's "Captain Proton" simulation. Vic is an enjoyable character, and I have nostalgia for the time period. The Captain Proton program is enjoyable in its silliness, particularly on the occasions when the show makes a tongue in cheek joke about it. (The time Seven effortlessly disabled Chaotica's evil robot was priceless!). As for least favorite, I never cared for the detective holoprograms on TNG, and found most of the other holoprograms on Voyager to be poor, particularly the bland French bar and the workshop with the dull-as-rocks Leonardo.

What about you guys? When did the Holodeck manage to actually intrigue and excite, and when did it make the episode feel like another case of lazy writing?


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the one I think I would be most likely to use myself would be the tropical resort from Voyager,


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I think my favorite holodeck setting is also Paris' Captain Proton programs. I enjoyed them everytime. I think having some comedy relief in there to offset the more serious plots was a great episode planning strategy. Another favorite was Paris' parking scene on Mars I think it was. Anyway, that's where the Doctor and Denora were sitting together in that old classic car. The imagery in there was very pretty. Paris knew how to have the romantic at times!! As for least favorite, I didn't like the Leonardo DaVinci ones which were Janeway's. 


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I know this isn't what you were really asking,
but my favorite Holodeck scenes involved them
using the room as just a space, actually. Why?
It just made it seem more "real" to me, I guess.

Like how any organization would make use of what
space it had to do other necessary things with.
Like when Tasha was training people to defend
themselves on just a mat. Or when Wesley played
his father's message, for the first time.

Holodeck is a very hard concept to buy into when
ALL it does is make up fantasies with programs
without any corrupt files, or bugs ... It would be
cool to see people in the background acting like
there was a corruption! Like continuing to march
into a wall it can only get half a foot into ...


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Favorite, Vic's

Honorable, LaForge's "Enterprise Under Construction" Program

Least. The DS9 Baseball Game. Just cant buy 20+ Guys n Girls can fit in a holosuite & play baseball. But i guess Physics 400 years from now will be Awesome.  Remember Data threw a rock & the Holosuite Image "Distorted"?


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I figure that baseball game must've used two or three holosuites networked together. I've read that the holodeck creates sort of a mini-holodeck around each person to create the illusion of distance, but I don't see how it could work with that many people.


My favorite program is the Parallax Colony from Cost of Living.


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I was never that fond of the Captain Proton program, though, there were some good stories connected to it.  I came to like Fair Haven.  The Henry V program in TNG was good and, incidentally, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes played characters in that program. 

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