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The Lost Fleet : TOS Lost in Space

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Tales of the Lost Fleet takes place beginning in 2267, on the eve of the Federation-Klingon war. After a massive battle in that (brief) war, during which time you were part of a fleet dispatched to beat back Klingon territorial invasion, a spatial anamoly sweeps through carrying you and the survivng members of the fleet to a far distant region of space totally unknown and unexplored. Countless light years from home, you must now deal with this totally new region, encountering potential friends and enemies and exploring new worlds, all the while managing your resources and crews (prone to be used up and break and need replacement or repair, and and die or be born respectably).

"TLF" is, to be specific, a game where you are not just one crew member, but roleplay as the whole ship. You manage what that ship does and roleplay the captain and the crew, and your ship acts as one member in a party consisting of your fellow players and their ships. You will zoom around space, adventuring in this era, and voicing your opinion in deciding what the fleet will do and deciding for yourself what your ship will do. An important part of TLF is resource management. You will use up supplies, but you can also gain supplies through scouting for them and trading with your fellow ships and through trade with alien traders and planets. You will also have to deal with the fact that you or your fellow ships can get damaged, which will require repairs, and also the fact that if you're not careful you could end up getting destroyed by some alien in combat. And crew will die and crew will be born as the years go by. And all the while, you are exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and boldly going where no one has gone before.

The game is currently some months into the year 2267 and is beginning to discover the new races and worlds of it's newfound region. One ship has been destroyed by a yet unknown enemy, and one has been lost in a freak accident while experimenting with a way back home.

Overall site is http://z13[dot]invisionfree[dot]com/talesofthelostfleet/index[dot]php

Apply at the Sign-In thread located here: http://z13[dot]invisionfree[dot]com/talesofthelostfleet/index[dot]php?showtopic=4

Apply at the sign in thread. Contact JRScott for any further questions.

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