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New and Old 3D Technology


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Report this Jun. 26 2013, 10:41 pm

Hello and All star trek fans. I have a question and hope someone out there may know the answer. A few years ago a new kind of 3D technology came out and as I understood it, this had to do with the redesigning of the 3D glasses. But maybe it was in the 3D movies themselves? The reason why I ask this is because I am 100% blind in one eye and therefore cannot see 3D. BUT the new 3D technology that came out a few years ago was used at a theatre that I went to. I saw the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth and for the first time I saw 3D!! My friends were amused at much I was trying to "duck"  the fish creatures that were jumping out of the water. It was very enjoyable. But since that time I no longer see 3D and that includes the latest Star Trek into the Darkness movie. I went with my friends to the 3D version and wore the special 3D glasses but no longer see 3D. So I was wondering if all the theaters went back to the old 3D? Or is it possible for me to get my own 3D glasses that contain the new 3D technology?

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