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Star Trek's Most Forgettable Episodes

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Report this Jun. 26 2013, 10:12 pm

Favorite episodes lists are a star trek fans pastime.

But while scrolling through episodes in the Videos section here, I came across several episodes I always manage to foget. And for someone who watches star trek several times a week, that's saying alot.

For each series, name some episodes so pedestrian, so lame that you forget them almost immediately after viewing them.

For me, one is probably that Melora episode from Deep Space Nine -- the one about the girl from the planet with no gravity. It features Bashir floating around with the gravity stabalizers off in a lame attempt to sleep with her.


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Report this Jun. 26 2013, 11:43 pm

When rewatching Voyager, I found myself surprised to find episodes with Q-associated titles. I had forgotten that he had ever appeared on the show. Considering that he was there three times, that speaks very poorly of those episodes.

Also the DS9 episode "Rivals". It took me three views to remember anything about the plot. Ditto for the Season 7 episode "Chimera". 

I also forgot about Moriarty on TNG. And didn't Picard have some program too? I honestly don't recall. "The most toys." No memory of it.

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