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New Star Trek parody musical "Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier"-- thoughts?


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Report this Jun. 24 2013, 8:37 am

If you didn't see the description, here are links to footage of a musical I co-wrote that parodies Star Trek-- "Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier"!


Link to the whole playlist:

And some highlights.....

Love duet:


"Away Team Mission" scene:


Parody of the Gorn fight scene:


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I'm going to have to watch that when I get home


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The links don't work, but I did put in a search in the search engine at Youtube and found it.

Can you put in sub-titles once it has been released or do you have to put in another set of the same videos to get them in sub-titles?  The closed captioning services on the Youtube site leaves much to be desired.  It is not closed captioning properly. 

I am hard of hearing, but it does look good for a musical stage production.  It does look like you guys had fun making it.

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